Free women's t-shirt pattern (women's t-shirt with long sleeves) - 16 sizes!

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I got an idea a few days back. I told myself that I would again prepare a “freebie” pattern for you after a while. So here it is. It is pattern for women’s t-shirt with long sleeves and you can download it for free from this article. It is suitable for beginners and it was constructed in professional program for clothing patterns design. Pattern is available in sizes 32 - 62!

Update:This article is from 2017, but I would like to push it to the foreground a little. If you by chance missed my Free t-shirt pattern.

Free t-shirt pattern

Size chart:

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Free t-shirt pattern

How to assemble the paper pattern

I decided to publish this pattern so that you can see what the new patterns designed in a special program look like. You can read more about how to work with such pattern in this article:

How to assemble the paper pattern.

Free t-shirt pattern

The pattern is available in one size view (with sewing lines and seam allowances outlined) and in the classic view, where you can see all sizes at once - each size in different color for better clarity. You can choose what works best for you. The advantage of the classic view (where all the sizes are shown) is that you can easily customize your pattern to fit body types in between the chart sizes. One size view will save your time during fabric preparation - you do not have to think where and how much to add for the seams, because everything is outlined. pattern

T-shirt sewing instructions:

You can sew t-shirt with overlock or regular sewing machine. I recommend using flexible seams when sewing with regular sewing machine (narrow zig zag seam, three-step straight seam, etc.) so that the seams don’t tear. I also recommend lowering the foot pressure and reducing lower thread tension slightly if your sewing machine allows it. Use walking foot if you have one. Sewing is easier with it. pattern

T-shirt pattern is available in sixteen sizes: 32 – 62 (product contains PDF document with all one size views and PDF document with classic view - all sizes together). pattern

You will find sewing instructions in this video:

Neck opening of the t-shirt in the video is lined with a strip folded in half. But I only sewed around the neck opening with the overlock, folded it 5 mm to the inside and stitched through it with the regular sewing machine using flexible seam.

Free t-shirt pattern
Free t-shirt pattern

Free women’s t-shirt pattern

Download the pattern here: Free t-shirt pattern.

Free t-shirt pattern

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