Women´s dress - sewing pattern with detailed step by step photo tutorial

Péťa  ·  15.12.2017  ·  3 minutes of reading

I made a new sewing pattern for you. Today it is a pattern for women´s dress named Silhouette. Shop the pattern here: Sewing pattern - women´s dress Silhouette.

And I also made a detailed step by step photo tutorial how to sew.

This pattern is made in EU sizes 34 - 50.

Size chart:

Size (EU)343638404244464850
Hight (in cm)168168168168168168168168168
Bust (in cm)8084889296100104108112
Waist (in cm)626670747882869094
Hips (in cm)86909498102106110114118

The pattern is made especially for knit fabrics, jersey etc.

Let´s start sewing!

Prepare the paper pattern (shop the pattern here: Sewing pattern - women´s dress Silhouette).

Prepare all pieces from fabric: 1x front on the fold, 1x back on the fold, 2x sleeve, 2x pocket with an opening, 2x full pocket with side piece, 2x side piece, 1x front facing on the fold, 1x back facing on the fold.

Apply a piece of fusible tape on the garment as it is shown in the picture below.

Place the pocket on the front piece, right sides together.

Sew along the pocket opening

Clip the seam allowances right on the corner and above the pocket extension.

Prepare the proper full pocket piece.

And place it on the front as shown in the picture below, right sides together.

Sew both pieces together. Stop in the corner of front.

Turn both pocket pieces into the wrong side. Check if everything in the corner is correct.

If everything seems ok then neaten the seam allowances.

Do the same with the second pocket.

Tack through the pocket opening and press it.

Then pin the pocket together.

And sew it, pull the chain under the loops.

Tack through the pocket in the side seam.

Place the small side piece on the back, right side to right side, and sew the seam.

Clip the seam allowance in the corner.

Turn the small piece to match the second seam.

Sew it together.

Check from the right side if everything is correct and then neaten the seam allowances. do the same with the second side of the back piece.

Place the sleeves on the front, right side to right side and sew the raglan seam. Neaten seam allowances.

The sew sleeves with back piece and neaten the seam allowances.

Sew the front facing with the back facing together, right side to right side and neaten seam allowances. Also, neaten the lower hem of facing.

Pint the back facing on the back piece, right sides together and match the little circle.

Sew the line.

Then cut out the inner small part of the circle.

Pull the facing through the hole.

Pin the back facing to secure the position.

Then pin the inner edge with the neck seamline. I highly recommend to sew the seam with tack at first and then check you place the facing right way. Then machine sews the neck seamline.

Place above the hole is not possible to sew, leave it unsewed.

Neaten seam allowances and turn the facing into the wrong side of the garment.

Hand sew the small hole.

secure the facing on raglan seams with a few hand stitches.

Pin the sleeve seam and the side seam. Sew those seams in one step.

Do the same with the second side of the garment.

Neaten the edge of sleeve and dress. Turn the edges 3 cm into the wrong side and sew with elastic machine stitches.

The dress is ready!

Have a nice day, Peťa


Magda 21. 3. 2018

I've just put the pattern together and cut the pieces out. One thing that makes me worried is that the edges of the front and rear drop are not the same length. In the tutorial you show that they are the same lenght. I printed sixe 40.
I will be grateful for support.
Best regards

craftmagco 22. 3. 2018

Hi Magda, thank you very much for purchasing my pattern! :) I´m not sure what you mean exactly. Could you please send me a photo on my e-mail peta@prosikulky.cz ? I will check it out and answer asap.

Thank you and have a nice day, Peťa

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