Knitting pattern for women's fingerless gloves

Knitting pattern for women’s fingerless gloves

A few weeks ago I knitted fingerless gloves for me and now I have a pattern for you: What do we need? 1/2 ball Drops Merino Extra Fine, color 04 – dark grey 1/4 ball Drops Merino Extra Fine, color 30 – mustard ponožkové pletací jehlice č. 4 Stitch guide: pm = place a marker k = knit p = purl *3 k,* […]

Hand knitted kids cardigan

Hand knitted kids cardigan

Kids knitted clothes is so adorable. I really like how fast it can be made. This fluffy cardigan was made for the baby which is still waiting in mommy’s tummy. 🙂 A few pics of process… Buttons counting… Still without the buttons. Finally finished hand knitted kids cardigan: