Free sewing course – How to sew panties 11 (Chapter 3 – Sewing process: Sewing panties with an overlock)

Péťa  ·  10.7.2020  ·  1 minutes of reading

This part of the free sewing course is the last in the chapter on sewing process and it focuses on sewing panties with an overlock. You can sew the panties without a regular sewing machine, however, I recommend combining both types of sewing machines to achieve the best results. Thanks to the combination of techniques, the panties will look good, fit perfectly and they will be comfortable.

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The course is divided into chapters and each of them contains a thematic video tutorial. Don't forget to turn on captions to understand everything correctly. After watching the video, you can always click on the link below the video to continue to the next chapter (or to get back to the previous one). The list of chapters and subchapters of the course can be found below.

You can get several different patterns for children's and women's panties here:

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