Pattern - Simple women’s jacket BASIC (+ sewing instructions)

Péťa  ·  16.12.2019  ·  1 minutes of reading

As promised, today I added new pattern to the digital sewing pattern store. I'm talking about pattern for simple women’s jacket BASIC (sizes 32 - 60).

Pattern – simple women’s jacket BASIC You can get pattern for women’s jacket here:

Pattern for simple women's jacket BASIC

Sewing is quite easy, and the procedure is the same as for the children’s jacket BASIC…

Pattern - simple children’s jacket (+ sewing instructions) You can get the pattern for children’s jacket in variants CLASSIC and SLIM (sizes 80 - 164) here:

Pattern for simple children's jacket BASIC

Detailed sewing instructions for women’s (children’s) jacket can be found in this article:

How to sew the simple jacket BASIC

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