Recycling & Upcycling old clothes

Péťa  ·  29.10.2020  ·  1 minutes of reading

Old clothes have been used as a basis for the production of new ones for a long time. This was once my husband's favorite T-shirt. He wore it so often that it eventually became full of holes and had to be moved to the "home clothes” category. But that’s sort of a trap - you can very easily grab such a T-shirt in the morning and realize that you are wearing it only too late - during an office meeting, for example. So I decided to use it to sew a T-shirt for my son Tomík. It was a perfect solution - it didn’t end up in the trash and at the same time, my husband couldn't wear it to the office by mistake. The old men's T-shirt with short sleeves became the new children's T-shirt with long sleeves. ;)

Recyklace oblečení - šití ze starého trička nové

Do you upcycle/recycle your old clothes? What's your favorite way to do that?

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