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How to sew any zipper pouch easily

How to sew: Case, cover, pocket, zipper pouch

Sewing cases and zipper pouches are so easy and fun! Watch the video I made for you and you will see this easy project is for everyone, even for sewing beginners. Visit my DIY YouTube channel and discover more handmade and homemade sewing, knitting and crochet tutorials. Let’s sew! Thanks for […]

How to crochet your own lace tape

I sewed a new skirt for myself and I wanted to decorate it with lace. But then I realized that all my laces are too short. So I decided to make one… Pattern: chain (19) 1. row: 1 DC into the third, *1 DC, 2 ch* x 4, 3 DC, turn (17) […]

Patchwork play mat for my newborn niece

About a month ago a really big thing happened! My very first niece was born. And in that case, I had to make a gift for her. 🙂 A decided to make a patchwork play mat. The first thing to do was to choose and cut all these squares of […]