Universal Cap Sewing pattern and detailed tutorial

Universal Cap detailed sewing tutorial

The pattern is in sizes ranging from newborn to male – in children’s, ladies’ and men’s sizes. Below, you will also find a step-by-step tutorial on step-by-step caps and a new video tutorial to see that sewing is simple and suitable for complete beginners and that the hat can be […]

Ladies winter dress Sewing pattern

Women’s winter sweatshirts/dresses

I’ve had this design in my head since last fall, but I have not had time to do it all the year. For today I have prepared a cut for women’s winter dress (or autumn) and detailed photos of the sewing instructions. You can also wear the classic version of […]

Knitting Tutorial - Women’s headband

Women’s knitted headband

Finally, the spring has sprung and the winter is over, so it is about time to put warm woolly caps aside and to wear headbands. And that is my thing! This year, I have completely fallen in love with headbands. Today, I will show you one of them and if […]

How to sew a T-shirt

Tips and Tricks: How to Sew a T-Shirt

T-shirts are probably the most frequent garment that hobby sewers sew, after training trousers or leggings. So, I have written this article for you, where you can find comprehensive information on how to sew a T-shirt. What Fabric for a T-Shirt… Knitwear is suitable for simple T-shirts – I recommend […]

5 tips how to choose a sewing machine

5 Tips How to Choose a Sewing Machine

For some time now, together with the boom of home sewing, there has been an increasing number of questions concerning the manner of choosing a sewing machine. There has been a lot of advice, however, questions of that type keep coming, so I decided to compile a few of my […]